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Network Europe is a weekly magazine created by several of the continent's leading international radio stations, reflecting Europe's diversity of cultures and voices. This archive offers you our previous broadcasts. Just choose the desired issue from the list bellow:

Network Europe - 2008-03-28

China feels the heat of the Olympic flame The European Parliament debates the possibility of an Olympic boycott Reporters Without Borders protest the Chinese Olympics How garbage is causing a stink in Italian elections The world's terrorism experts meet in Stockolm Do babies and toddlers care about radio? 

Network Europe - 2008-03-21

For the first time in history a German Chancellor addresses the Israeli Parliament Could Turkey's Constitutional court ban the Prime minister, the President and the ruling party from politics? How's life changed after the Schengen enlargement? The Francophone world celebrates its beloved French language Nordic Eurovision excitement March Quiz - 3rd clue 

Network Europe - 2008-03-14

Is the collapse of the Serbian government to be expected? French Mayor prohibited people in his village to die Airbus bids to win over US Air Force contract Is European Union distributing it's development aid realy gratuitously? Berlin launches a multi-million-euro advertising campaign to improve the German capital’s appeal Preserving Polish culinary heritage Network Europe's monthly quiz - second que 

Network Europe - 2008-03-07

Is it business as usual at the Kremlin? French local elections are also a referendum for the national government After 9 months of political deadlock, Belgium's new Prime Minister is ready to take office Celebrating the 100th anniversary of women's day in Sweden A historic trip to space Sight-jogging in Rome March Quiz 

Network Europe - 2008-02-29

Euro MP’s have a furious row about the root of all evil The EU launches a new radio and web service, critics wonder if it’ll just be a Brussels mouthpiece? Food is becoming hard to afford in France Headscarves in Turkey – never mind the politics it simply must be Italian-made Why not knit your nearest lamppost a woolen cozy? The Swedes go all woolly-minded Poles with stars in their eyes 

Network Europe - 2008-02-22

Kosovo goes it alone the EU sends a huge nation-building mission – but has Brussels bitten off more than it can chew? German taxmen go for the jugular and launch a massive investigation into wealthy tax evaders The dangers of date-rape in Poland Is liberty or security a choice we have to make? While some of us fly around the continent on budget airlines for fun others are paying for it with their health Has Nicolas Sarkozy forever changed the relationship between government and media in France? 

Network Europe - 2008-02-15

Should the taxpayer protect people who spark controversy and put themselves in under threat from extremists? An acclaimed critic of Islam finds herself out in the cold GM crops – worthy of a ban? Global warming reaches Poland This year’s World Press Photo Awards beg the question: is photo-journalism suffering at the hands of a tight-fisted media? Madonna brings rubbish to the Berlin film festival in the form of her directorial debut, we also hear about some good movies showing there 50 Years of women priests in Sweden 

Network Europe - 2008-02-08

Is monogamy a thing of the past? We go to Paris for President Sarkozy’s wedding and an impression of his new wife Carla Bruni – an awful lot’s made of her reputation We take the Spanish bus-ride in search of everlasting wedded happiness In Sweden you can get a divorce in 3 days, in Malta it’s illegal. We go to Brussels where our leaders are trying to clear up the law Plus, the online Catholic dating service that’s taking Poland by storm Go on, give us a kiss! There’s a campaign to hug strangers in Stockholm 

Network Europe - 2008-02-01

French aid workers receive 8 year jail terms The EU agrees to send a peace-keeping mission to Chad, but are we sure who’s troops are going yet? Gong to Poland? It’s carnival season in much of Europe, we get our fix of Mardi gras from the German city of Koln But the teuton party is over for Nokia which moves its operation out of Germany to Romania Action on child sex tourism from the Swedish government Quiz question for February 

Network Europe - 2008-01-25

Muslims of Marseille soon to get new mosque London mosque scaled down: no longer to be the largest in Europe Anti-Muslim right-wingers say they represent Dutch public opinion Mosque minarets taller than church steeples Are there enough Muslims in Krakow to warrant an Islamic centre? Ljubljana struggles to find space for a mosque Stockholm has welcomed its mosque January Quiz: The Answer! 

Network Europe - 2008-01-18

Spanish government discuses the change of Spain's strict abbortion law Germany discuses construction of memorial describing fate of German war victims New books on afterwar Polish-Jewish relations provoke heated debate in Poland Swedish teenagers trying to draw more attention to much discussed human rights problem French president to gain two cotroversal primacies French company ordered to pay nearly 200 million in damages Brussels Briefing January Quiz - More Hints 

Network Europe - 2008-01-11

Poland to pull out of Iraq in 2008, onto other foreign missions Drug users in Utrecht are given housing, and a safe place to do drugs The richest immigrant in Sweden Brussels Briefing: Slovenia starting out muddled Development in Istanbul threatens the Roma community Czechs can’t seem to get rid of their old mobile phones Network Europe Quiz for January 2008 

Network Europe - 2008-01-04

Traffic Jams in Ljubljana: Slovenia takes over the EU presidency Brussels wonders, Can Slovenia do it all? Au revoir la cigarette! How big are Germans, anyway? What Poles can learn from TV The Swedish movie that coudln’t Red lights are dimming Network Europe Quiz for January 2008 

Network Europe - 2007-12-28

The image of youth violence in France Document proves that East German border guards had explicit orders to shoot The Diary of Anne Frank at 60 The Counterfeiter Tito Mania Train Mashed Swedes Polish monks has come up with an unusual business idea to support themselves 

Network Europe - 2007-12-21

If Europeans could have voted in the French presidential elections - who would they be backing? All changed at Westminster Britain's as long standing Prime Minister Tony Blair handed over the reins of power to his partner and rival, Gordon Brown What role did the tabloids play in Diana's death? Legendary film director Ingmar Bergman died at age of 89 A piece of Warsaw street culture set to disappear "Smirting" took off in smoke free England Take a stroll through Amsterdam's Hash Museum 

Network Europe - 2007-12-14

Did the Straits of Gibraltar just get a bit wider? The EU and Africa met in Lisbon to get closer together but was the result more like a collision? How Slovenia's adoption of Schengen agreement will complicate live in it's border regions Spanish strugle in search for words to national anthem European Parliament awards its Sakharov prize Behind the scenes of the Nobel Prize ceremony Krakow's very own kind of tram service 

Network Europe - 2007-12-07

A Swedish delegate tells us why the opening of this week of the UN's mega Climate conference in Bali started on a cheerful note. Why aren’t Romanians slamming their car doors shut? Well getting on your bike is like taking your life in your hands. German farmers are facing the impacts of climate change European Politicians Are Searching For New Sources of Renewable Energy The French are clutching onto the stems of their wine glasses with light-headed concern How Poland wants to solve it's heavy reliance on fossil fuels Network Europe's this month's quiz 

Network Europe - 2007-11-30

Riots in Paris evoke memories of nationwide unrest 2 years ago, but President Sarkozy is in no mood for compromise The EU’s Galileo satellite project limps towards lift off but will it be any good? The Swedish government wants to make all school children learn about the Soviet gulags, but is it a political move? Courting attention in Holland Spanish police need all the information they can get as they try to stop massive new shipments of cocaine entering Europe The new Polish government 

Network Europe - 2007-11-23

2007 Was the European year of equal opportunities and to mark the success or otherwise of that initiative this week’s Network Europe is about discrimination And how does discrimination look in the world of fashion? In France it pays to hide your ethnicity, but only for so long Why so many minority groups are between a rock and a hard place Czech Republic ordered to compensate Roma children In Sweden new research shows if you’re name sounds foreign you’re less likely to get through the door 

Network Europe - 2007-11-16

Rights to education and rites of passage, French students take to the streets A new poll in France says Belgium’s Walloons are welcome to join them Can European foreign ministers rap? Germany’s shopkeepers go head to head with the church over Sunday trading Dutch troops in fresh danger Swedish open security 

Network Europe - 2007-11-09

When doing the right thing goes wrong - why 6 French charity workers are being investigated for a mass kidnapping in Chad? Some thoughts on how to celebrate Independence day in Poland It’s supposed to be women who have to deal with discrimination, but try being a man in Sweden EU lawmakers tell Germans their apple wine isn’t wine, but what Germans themselves think of that I’ll have a beer, please 

Network Europe - 2007-11-02

Dying is no picnic, or is it? Personalized send-offs Vienna’s funeral museum No frills epitaphs in Romania Parisian pet cemetery Brussels Briefing Tsunami grief November’s quiz 

Network Europe - 2007-10-26

The controversial Polish government falls but is the Kaszinski era really over? Right-wing People Party scores high in Swiss elections Briefing from Brussels: does Europe need a Blue Card to attract immigrants? How Swedish soldiers gear up for their Afghan mission Solution to September Quiz - Meet Mata Hari the original femme fatale 

Network Europe - 2007-10-19

Polish elections are shaping up to be a tight race How effective are the new EU sanctions on Burma? Briefing from Brussels: How the Balkan countries are fairing on their road to EU membership A new master's degree aims to ensure the Holocaust never slips from living memory Gasping for air in the Czech Republic Nobel Prizes 2007 World Food Day 

Network Europe - 2007-10-12

Europe leads the fight against capital punishment Will Kosovo go it alone and declare independence? Poland gears up for snap elections Is Romania failing to fight corruption? France opens first museum dedicated to the history of immigration Who is Alexander Roslin? We have a closer look at Sweden's art icon 

Network Europe - 2007-10-05

Paris bomb trial begins after 10 year extradition battle Religious statement or fashion accessory? Constructing conflict - why plans to build a mosque are stirring up debate in Cologne 2007 Right Livelihood Awards Briefing from Brussels Why is Poland going through a baby boom? October Quiz 

Network Europe - 2007-09-28

EU wants mandatory safety tests on some toys Film censor steps down in protest agaisnt censorship in Sweden Republicans in Northern Ireland want to encourage talking in Irish through new bill OSCE slams Poland for refusing to issue an invitation to watch parliamentary elections Cycling in Prague only for the brave? Marceau said much with his silent act 

Network Europe - 2007-09-21

Ukraine at the Eve of Elections Swedish artist under threat Rubens exhibition in Brussels Devil’s Bible on display in Prague Rugby in Poland Bread prices in France gone up 

Network Europe - 2007-09-14

Poland Faces Early Election, Will It Bring More Stability War's on between Sweden and the European Union, about tobacco in a form you won’t know EU is worried about liquids, when they are being taken into planes Romanians legal migrants are making headlines with violent incidents in Italy and Spain Numbers of Underaged Muslim Illegals Arriving at Spain on rise Frace hosts Rugby World Championship This Year 

Network Europe - 2007-09-07

Chinese in Germany China trade China human rights Chinese in Montargis Eviction rate of Chinese illegal immigrants in France on Rise 

Network Europe - 2007-08-31

Sweden cuts foreign aid recipients Rejuvenating a Bucharest neighbourhood with European films Brussels Briefing - The European Union needs to coordinate disaster relief French or Flemish? Bullfighting in France: brutal sport, or national culture? Germany wants to ban the NPD again Belly dancing in Poland Network Europe's Quiz - This time about China 

Network Europe - 2007-08-24

What role did the tabloids play in Diana's death? Why Swedes care less about celebrities? Euromyths: Brussels bunkum or tabloid trash? The success story of BILD Why the French don't read tabloids? The winners of our August Quiz 

Network Europe - 2007-08-17

Does new evidence of a shoot-to-kill policy along the former East German border come as such a surprise? France is working hard this holiday month to deport more illegal immigrants than ever before Stockholm hosted annual World Water conference this week Will Romania's Orthodox Church face up to its Communist past? How Polish monks support themselves with unusual business Take a stroll through Amsterdam's Hash Museum 

Network Europe - 2007-08-10

Could a European fire brigade boost Brussels' image? Pills in the post Why the French have to take their vacation in August Follow the tracks of John Paul II on the Polish Papal Train ”Smirting” takes off in smoke free England A Gay Pride boat for the Young 

Network Europe - 2007-08-03

An end of an era: the British army withdraws from Northern Ireland No motorway construction through Rospuda reserve? Why a Polish motorway is dealing another blow to EU-Polish relations? Legendary film director Ingmar Bergman dies age 89 Vive le velo - rent a bike in Paris Why jogging is a running joke in France? Network Europe Quiz - this time about Ingmar Bergman 

Network Europe - 2007-07-27

The Bulgarian medics condemned to death return home and probably wish they’d never gone abroad in the first place Briefing from Brussels We ask if Norwegians are Europe’s most pampered people… now that the government sends the sick and elderly on free holidays to Spain. Are British men Europe’s most dedicated holiday boozers? Are young Swedes Europe’s most dedicated holiday boozers? What Serbs do when they go to Paris for the weekend Network Europe Postcard Answer to the Network Europe's monthly quiz question 

Network Europe - 2007-07-20

Are Dutch troops in Afghanistan there to fight or re-build? Accustaions fly in the Netherlands that the public has been duped French President Nicolas Sarkozy makes his first assault on union power – but will transport workers strike back? Drinking in Russia Brussels Briefing From Poland the catholic priest who called the president a swindler and the first lady a witch, not to mention offending most of the world’s jewish population Do you want to know where art is at? It’s at the massive Documenta exhibition in Germany 

Network Europe - 2007-07-13

Will high speed train travel ever be as fast or as cheap as budget air travel? What’s the political cost of the gravy train connecting Europe’s two parliaments If you had to live on a train you’d want to live on Marshall Tito’s Blue train – we don’t move in but we do take a ride on it Protests from the sidings in France as the Train de Grand Vitesse speeds through small towns cutting them out of the network Aboard the slowest train in Europe Postcard from the edge…of reason 

Network Europe - 2007-07-06

Europe reacts to Poland dredging up the war to gain sway in the EU - Are the Kachynski brothers in touch with the mood of the people? Brussels sexes up its image with a sex video montage, offending some, entertaining many. Doping in the Tour de France – will the sport ever recover from this seemingly endless scandal? New hope for girls forced into arranged marriages – Sweden offers asylum And we stop off in Berlin for our weekly postcard, are Berliners suddenly a lot nicer? Our monthly competition, this time with a twist 

Network Europe - 2007-06-29

All change at Westminster Britain's long standing Prime Minister Tony Blair hands over the reins of power to his partner and rival, Gordon Brown. We profile both men Has Poland taken on Denmark’s old role of chief Euro sceptic? A video showing what prosecutors allege is policy brutality causes an outcry in Greece The Netherlands marks 60 years since the publication of the Diary of Anne Frank And construction starts of an ambitious new Jewish museum in the former Warsaw Ghetto Network Europe: Postcard Network Europes June Quiz Winners 

Network Europe - 2007-06-22

This week's EU summit: We discuss the rebound of "national interest" As decision making in the union becomes evermore complex - some quarters of the public want their country to pull out. But what might happen if a country ever decided to go its own way? A brewing arms scandal overshadows the Paris air show And Austria bids a complicated and nuanced farewell to a former President. A piece of Warsaw street culture set to disappear And a bastion of civil society is threatened in Romania 

Network Europe - 2007-06-15

Why are human right activists in uproar in France? How the "square root principle" is a point of contention in the EU Is hand wrenching over Iran's perceived nuclear plans distracting from Europe's own nuclear re-armament A sex-education site splits sexologists and the public in the Netherlands Church of England takes on Sony Network Europe Quiz - June 

Network Europe - 2007-06-08

Along with widespread protests, chilly relations between the Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the west overshadow this week's G8 meeting. What’s behind the cooling relationship? And what’s the G8 good for anyway? G8 summit: Just how useful are G8 summits? France gears up for parliamentary elections on the heels of its recent presidential vote. The Dutch state is sued by the relatives of those massacred in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica twelve years ago 

Network Europe - 2007-06-01

Fears that “second life” could become a haven for paedophiles Sweden inaugurates embassy in “second life” Virtual reality helps overcome post-traumatic disorder A website for people addicted to online gambling Would it be possible to live without the internet? 

Network Europe - 2007-05-25

Romania’s president comfortably survives a referendum to impeach him. A close aide to Nicolas Sarkozy takes a top position at France’s most popular TV station… and the new president comes under flak Mainstream politicians in Sweden receive special training to debate with far right candidates Expats in Spain no longer spectators of the political game A tour of Krakow’s Jewish neighbourhood 

Network Europe - 2007-05-18

Opening Communist-era archives in Poland Maintaining an independent justice system in Romania President Sarkozy’s economic proposals: an assessment Sweden waffles on cluster bombs Erotica at the Vienna public library Eurocrat Love! 

Network Europe - 2007-05-11

Sarkozy and Chirac attend event marking France’s abolition of slavery Reverend Paisley shares power with former enemies: a new dawn for Northern Ireland The World Future Council: a new institution to combat climate change 

Network Europe - 2007-05-04

Gun crimes in Britain What to do about aggression in children? The image of youth violence in France Network Europe Quiz question for May 

Network Europe - 2007-04-27

It's a choice between Sego and Sarko for French voters Romania's President is facing impeachment Why a simulated terrorist attack is causing a stirr in Stockholm? The "bling bling ban" EURO 2012: a showcase for Poland and Ukraine Solution to April Quiz 

Network Europe - 2007-04-20

If Europeans could vote in the French presidential elections - who would they be backing? Is Serbia ready to chair the Council of Europe? Helping artists around the world to safeguard their interests The Counterfeiter 

Network Europe - 2007-04-13

As the race to become the next French President hots up, which of the candidates can address the burning issues? Thousands of Iraqis flee the turmoil in their home country to the sanctuary of Sweden, but are they being welcomed with open arms? Campaigners and Members of the Public Alike Descend on Prague Polish composer Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki is on his way back into the limelight 

Network Europe - 2007-04-06

Switzerland builds the world's longest tunel 5 years after legalizing euthanasia Can Jean Marie Le Pen repeat his 2002 performance ? Europe's Arab heritage Is Esperanto back in fashion? April Quiz 

Network Europe - 2007-03-30

The French government has new plans for housing the homeless - put them in trailer parks - we ask if it'll solve the problem. Germans celebrate 50 years of the Trabant car Poland composes a tribute Britain's marking 200 years of no slavery but believe it or not Sweden had slavery too, and took even longer to abolish it World’s worst aviation disaster 

Network Europe - 2007-03-23

Europe has many milestones to mark, and they’re not simply the days pen was put to paper. We’ll look back at some of the EU’s biggest achievements… Poland marks the anniversary of the Treaty by reflecting back on its first three years as an EU member Georgia hopes to follow its Baltic counterparts and join the European Union at some point … How future relations might shape up between new member Romania and its neighbor, the Republic of Moldova… French presidential campaigns continue. Which candidates have the most potential to carry on the hard work of building a future Europe? And just how do some of them want to present France’s part in it all? 

Network Europe - 2007-03-16

We look ahead to the much anticipated 50th anniversary of the treaty of Rome. Berlin's throwing a party and we're all invited The French media comes under fire for its coverage of the country's presidential campaign Communism has gone but now capitalism is threatening Bucharest's architectural heritage Holland's largest bank throws a curveball at its staff by employing a fake inspirational-guru. The European Commission sets about shining some light into the shadowy world of political lobbying America needs more military bases 

Network Europe - 2007-03-09

Norway’s war children After its headline-catching report on children's happiness last month UNICEF now says many European Roma children live in worse poverty than many in the developing world Of course, housing or the lack of a decent supply of it isn't a problem confined to the Roma people. France now has its homeless campers Swedish religious leaders complain about a new law allowing foreigners to come to Sweden for abortions In a different type of medical tourism, if you need your teeth fixed, come to Bulgaria! Dental holidays are all the rage on the Black Sea 

Network Europe - 2007-03-02

Latvian President tells us why a day for women is needed Does the current clutch of female leaders mean that women have achieved political equality? And how much are they influencing the course of European politics? We ask who the world's most powerful woman is? Germany's allegedly charisma-challenged Chancellor Angela Merkel could be... And from the top to nearer the bottom, Network Europe's woman in Brussels Vanessa Mock joins us for a look at those women lower down the political greasy pole. We will discuss France's would-be madame la president Segolene Royal On March 1st in Romania men give women a token of affection called a "Martisor" 

Network Europe - 2007-02-23

Political Tension in Romania Draft dodging, Russian style Polish Military Intelligence Involved in Illegal Activities Poll Frenzy in French Press Estonian-Swedes Embrace Cultural Autonomy Rights 15 Years of the Internet in the Czech Republic Solution to this month's quiz 

Network Europe - 2007-02-16

Dark page in German history - back in the headlines Who pays? Oil spill responsibility before the courts in France Brusells tells Warsaw to rethink expressway Progress and protest in Spain Real Life cold war Spy story for Frederick Forsyth 

Network Europe - 2007-02-02

So, who was St Valentine? To find out we head to the capital of romance, Paris - Did you know that Paris is teeming with hundreds of thousands of singles? Poles in the meantime are getting married in growing numbers - to non Poles Romania's nouveau riche are taking to "cross-generational" relationships And while Bulgarians are coming to terms with the brave new world of de-facto relationships out of wedlock Usually the vanguard of sexual freedoms - Sweden is having some trouble coming to terms with gay and lesbian marriage. Network Europe Quiz about St Valentine 

Network Europe - 2007-01-26

Study on the trauma of medical abortions Money is more taboo than sex in France Shedding light on the privileges of former Communist bosses Lobbying is taboo in Sweden Laughing at Hitler January Quiz Answer and Winners 

Network Europe - 2007-01-19

EU steps up efforts to fight illegal immigration European parliament liberalises the international rail market The Polish Church investigates communist past of bishops and priests Calls for more efforts to support Roma students and pupils French premier proposed merger with England in 1956 

Network Europe - 2007-01-12

EU unveils ambitious energy plans, as new standoff with Russia highlights Europe's dependence on Moscow Poland's archbishop resigns Victims of the 1999 "beach disaster" turn to French courts to trial their Congolese torturers Be prepared to put your car in a test, if you're looking for the proverbial, untainted hospitality in Romania 2007 marks a very special anniversary in Sweden 

Network Europe - 2007-01-05

The housing crisis In France is emerging as one of the Presidential campaign’s top priorities The EU cleans up mafia assets Polish workers settling in Malmö Freedom spirits : a Swedish campaign to raise awareness against the dangers of alcohol consumption in developing countries "So that children know" - a lesson in human rights Network Europe Quiz 

Network Europe - 2006-12-29

What has 2007 in store for Europe? Romania and Bulgaria are joining the European Union Slovenia banks on the Euro Will Germany put an end to the EU's institutional deadlock? What New Year's resolution would you want for your country? Solution to December quiz 

Network Europe - 2006-12-22

Santa Claus lives close by - but how do Swedes celebrate Christmas? Why Czechs feel Santa has outstayed his welcome? African Christmas in Paris "The Little Match Girl" - a theatre production of a different kind Are Christmas rituals clashing with EU rules and regulations? 

Network Europe - 2006-12-15

Visiting Jewish neigbourhoods in Paris The history and presence of jewish comunity in Sarajevo Rabbis revitalize Germany's Jewish Communities Special exhibitions at Jewish Museum in Stockholm Romanian attitudes toward holocaust Return to Bergen Belsen 

Network Europe - 2006-12-08

British Police in Moscow to Investigate Russian Spy Death Moldova Squeezed Between East and West Romanians Suing Borat Film for Taking the Mickey Radio Prague Alternative Nobel Prize Winners Celebrated in Stockholm 

Network Europe - 2006-12-01

NATO maps out its course for the future Should the EU freeze Turkey's EU accession talks? Are the Poles the biggest europhiles on the continent? Slovenia's Erased people are touring Europe drawing attention to their tragic fate A facelift for Bucharest SMS loans could be ruining your Christmas season December Quiz 

Network Europe - 2006-11-24

AIDS - 25 years since the first diagnosis Prejudice is killing HIV sufferers in Cyprus Sweden's efforts to fight AIDS France goes American 

Network Europe - 2006-11-17

Dutch election mud-slinging To ban or not to ban Germany’s far-right Sweden has a far-right too Airbus getting off the ground Lodz gets a makeover 

Network Europe - 2006-11-10

Brussels bristles with criticism of Turkey Romania waiting for the windfall Europe delights in Turkish army? Camping In France - a last resort Overseas students in the UK 

Network Europe - 2006-11-03

As Europe Expands, is the welcome we offer our neighbours contracting? Unprecedented immigration from Eastern Europe making strong impact on UK Life in Spain for the Polish migrant French and disadvantaged? Come and vote! The mobile phone turns 50! How many olympic size swimming pools would the european wine lake fill? 

Network Europe - 2006-10-27

What do Europeans fear the most? Phobias Why Business and fear don’t mix The fear of poverty lingers Sweden's most haunted castle: Häringe The winner of the October Quiz 

Network Europe - 2006-10-20

The Dutch elections are just a month away - and for Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende the timing could hardly be better Nobel Prize angers Turkeys nationalists International Oil Spill brings the need for cooperation to the fore Violence on the rise in France's disenchanted neighbourhoods Blix cautions on North Korean sanctions 

Network Europe - 2006-10-13

With North Korea touting its nuclear capability, condemnations and sanctions are on the lips of European leaders At the "hot spot" Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaja is mourned from Dresden to Stockholm The annual bilateral deliberations aimed at fostering Russian-German ties Few middle-of the night phone calls let some people know that they've entered the hallowed halls of Nobel Laureates Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk has won the 2006 Nobel Prize in literature "Na zdravi!" is too common a phrase amongst women in the Czech Republic as alcoholism soars French custom authorities have crushed and burnt nine tons of counterfeit cigarettes 

Network Europe - 2006-10-06

Nobel Prizes announcements kick off in Stockholm Student life in Romania Next big thing? Medical tourism and Poland Domino effect? France moots public smoking ban Bosnia decides In the footsteps of Kafka 

Network Europe - 2006-09-29

Germany holds historic high-level talks on integration of Muslims Pros and cons of Islamic councils in European countries Ramadan festivities unite the residents of the Paris "Belleville" district Gringo magazine, or the changing face of multicultural media Alevi Muslims celebrate Ramadan with a difference Network Europe Quiz 

Network Europe - 2006-09-22

Some things are better left unsaid: ask Hungary’s Prime Minister Why is there discontent in Hungary? Will the new Swedish government curtail the welfare state? Can Jean Marie Le Pen do it again? Poles not pleased with decision to send 1000 troops to Afghanistan Romanian workers may not be welcomed in the UK 

Network Europe - 2006-09-15

Is Big Brother increasingly becoming a reality in France? Romany ghettos are getting bigger – and more numerous – in the Czech Republic Ireland’s media focuses on Poles, the country’s fastest growing immigrant group Senegalese beach traders in Sardinia – a different kind of African migration Sweden’s video games boom has older industries looking over their shoulders 

Network Europe - 2006-09-08

Human Rights vs. Security Policy: New Anti-Terror Laws in Britain Re-thinking Attitudes to Muslims in France Germany‘s Open Door Begins to Close What the People Say Living With a Threat A Shake-up For Traditional Swedish Freedom Network Europe Quiz 

Network Europe - 2006-09-01

Violence in Turkey throws spotlight on Kurdish separatists Czech skinheads demand war against Israel Sweden hosts Somalia conference Paris goes evangelical Bavarian beach boys 

Network Europe - 2006-08-25

Is Big Brother Becoming a Reality In Germany UN’s Chief War Crimes Prosecutor Castigates Serbia Romania Secret Police Files Reveal Politicians Were Collaborators UN committee looks into enforced sterilization of Romany women In Sweden, Cocaine use is on the rise European Theatre Embraces Cross-Cultural Co-Operation Network Europe Quiz 

Network Europe - 2006-08-18

Glaswegian Musicians Conquer the World French Bands Win Over Audiences Hearts By Sticking to their Mother Tongue Romanian Underground Music Gains Popularity Banned Belarusians Bands Play at Polish Music Festival Sweden's New Political Party Calls for Legal File Sharing Belgrade's Nightlife Pumps 

Network Europe - 2006-08-11

The plight of Romania's HIV-positive children and teenagers Where is Poland getting all its energy from? Why tourists are boosting the homeless figures in Stockholm? Chaos crosses continents and North Africans head home for summer holidays Why is France so attractive? 

Network Europe - 2006-08-04

European leaders try to put their differences aside to bring peace in Lebanon Growing anti-Western backlash in Turkey Is the Baltic Sea on the verge of collapse? Meet noble knight and ladies, court jesters and strongmen in the heart of Transylvania 

Network Europe - 2006-07-28

Roots and Repercussions Leaving Beirut And Staying Behind Building a New Life Cyprus Turned Refugee Crisis Centre Romanians in Lebanon and Northern Israel French Diplomacy 

Network Europe - 2006-07-21

The British monarchy remains secure, but the subject of the family's wealth has become an issue In Bulgaria, King Siméon II governed the country from 2001 to 2005. Not because he is the king, but because he won the general elections Poland hasn't had a King since 1795, but some would like to change that In Germany there are no kings or queens to talk about, but interest is high so Germans simply look beyond their borders to those countries which still have active royal households And in Sweden the monarch is alive and well. We'll visit an exhibition honoring one of the most popular members of the royal family, Queen Silvia 

Network Europe - 2006-07-14

What did Marco Materazzi tell Zineine Zidane? What's the significance of the opening of the world's second longest oil pipeline Does borderless have to mean Braindrain? Pitch black cafés in the Czech Republic Rent a politician in Sweden 

Network Europe - 2006-07-07

Germany's World Cup party rolls to its big finale. We take a different angle and ask who looked the best? The "Beautiful Game" Expectation management in Sweden as it lowers its ambitions on making the economy oil-free by 2020. The Czech Republic moves gay and lesbian rights forward Poland looks back at one of the countries long-held taboo topics - a Jewish pogrom one year after the fall of Nazi Germany ...And speaking of the economy, as Europe basks in the summer weather most of us take paid holidays for granted but did you know the thoroughly civilised practice is only 70 years old? 

Network Europe - 2006-06-30

Austria hands over EU presidency ...and Finland takes it on Joschka Fischer retires from politics Sweden considers language requirement for immigrants Consumer frenzy in Romania 

Network Europe - 2006-06-23

World cup fever fuels "positive patriotism" in Germany Paris's "Quai Branly" indigenous art museum: a symbol of diversity, in an age of globalisation Slovakia struggling to form new government Poland awaits payback from war efforts in Iraq Doris: Sweden's own cinema manifesto 

Network Europe - 2006-06-16

Did closing Sangatte stop migrants from coming to Calais? Poles settle in the UK en masse Roma journalists unite Transylvania film festival Football sponsorship 

Network Europe - 2006-06-09

The Swedish government declares war on Pirate bay Poland cracks down on anti-Semitism Bucharest's gay pride takes a sad turn Nervous Slovaks watch Czech coalition talks a week before early elections A survival guide for World Cup ticket holders in Germany The Paris Vach' art show: when contemporary artists look to cows for inspiration. 

Network Europe - 2006-06-02

British efforts to keep the peace in Germany Are soccer stars too worn out to play? Can Les Bleus function as a team? Polish prostitutes and nuns head to Germany The Swedish approach to seeing the games 

Network Europe - 2006-05-26

The Baltic gas pipeline that's dividing Europe Can the EU do more to promote democracy and civil society in Belarus? Can a new radio station promote democracy in Belarus? And what are Ukraine's prospects of joining the EU? The EU wants to good relations with its eastern neighbours, but is it doing enough to promote democratic change in the region? Enlargement fatigue in western Europe What lessons can be learned from Slovakia's EU accession? 

Network Europe - 2006-05-18

Are Bulgaria and Romania joining the European Union in 2007? Or will they have to wait another year? Romania overtakes Bulgaria in the EU accession race Slovenia is ready to change the Tolar for the Euro "Know before you go" - how Czechs are being lured to Ireland Should Swedish students expressing racist views be failed at school? And Is Europe getting into Da Vinci mood? 

Network Europe - 2006-05-11

Almost a year after French and Dutch rejection of the European Constitution, what next for the EU? Will Romania and Bulgaria join the EU next year or in 2008? Writers mark Europe Day in cafes around the continent EU leaders and institutions have lost touch with citizens' concerns, says an expert in Bonn More and more Poles are looking for jobs in neighbouring countries Can a contemporary art show improve the image of French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin? 

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