Barbara Gruber & Helen Seeney

Deutsche Welle

Barbara Gruber & Helen Seeney Barbara joined Deutsche Welle in 2001 after completing her university studies in Paris and New York. Native in French and German, the European Desk at Deutsche Welle in Bonn is an ideal posting for her as she loves working in different languages and in a multi-cultural environment. In addition to co-producing Deutsche Welle's Inside Europe programme each week, she also produces Network Europe - a unique example of European radio co-operation.

Helen (on the right) has a small confession to make: she's not European. "I come from Brisbane, Australia. But I've spent half my life here in Europe so I certainly identify with this part of the world". Helen says it's been exciting to have experienced momentous events in Europe over the past decade or so. "Revolutions, wars, integration - Europe's had it all. Mind you, I'm still searching for a decent beach on this side of the world".
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