Richard Walker

Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Richard Walker I started at Radio UNTAET, the UN’s radio station in East Timor, 5 years ago. I was clueless and have spent the intervening years trying to address this.

I worked for a bit at the BBC world service in London, with people who puff dust out of them slowly as they walk about. They’re mostly nice though.

Next, I went to RFI. Their building has a great view of the Eiffel Tower from its canteen.

Then I came to Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Everything is great, aside from the language and the food.

My advice to anyone wanting to get into radio broadcasting is just keep kicking at the door. Sooner or later you will either hurt your foot and give up, or someone will open the door and you’ll kick them in the leg. Try TV instead, you'll get more free stuff.
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