Nick Champeaux

Radio France International

Nicolas Champeaux Nick is half French half American, and this has helped him a great deal to understand there is often more than one side to a story. He graduated from Law school in Western France, and continued studying Political Science at the University of Glasgow, before heading to southern England, where he obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism. As a journalist, he gets a huge kick out of being with real people where it’s all happening, and when he is not working, well, he enjoys doing pretty much the same!

Barbara Gruber & Helen Seeney

Deutsche Welle

Barbara Gruber & Helen Seeney Barbara joined Deutsche Welle in 2001 after completing her university studies in Paris and New York. Native in French and German, the European Desk at Deutsche Welle in Bonn is an ideal posting for her as she loves working in different languages and in a multi-cultural environment. In addition to co-producing Deutsche Welle's Inside Europe programme each week, she also produces Network Europe - a unique example of European radio co-operation.

Helen (on the right) has a small confession to make: she's not European. "I come from Brisbane, Australia. But I've spent half my life here in Europe so I certainly identify with this part of the world". Helen says it's been exciting to have experienced momentous events in Europe over the past decade or so. "Revolutions, wars, integration - Europe's had it all. Mind you, I'm still searching for a decent beach on this side of the world".

Rafal Kiepuszewski

Radio Polonia

Rafal KiepuszewskiI first joined Radio Polonia still as a student on the very day Solidarity, Eastern Europe's first free trade union, was born. It was an exhilarating time in Poland. Instead of Newspeak and doublethink, we were finally free to tell the truth. Before I became the head of English Service in 1992, I had spent some time in the UK, doing odd jobs, and in South Africa. I also worked as a Warsaw stringer for a number of international broadcasters. Still a 'radio freak' after all these years, I now work as Poland producer on Radio Polonia's several prestigious international co-productions. When I'm not listening to the radio, I enjoy a good book, European cinema, travelling, swimming and cycling. Oh, and if you have an exciting vegetarian recipe to share with me, you'd really make my day!

Iulian Muresan

Radio Romania International

Iulian MuresanSince 2001, Iulian Muresan has been working for the English Service of Radio Romania International, where he produces Living Romania, a 6 minute weekly program aiming to familiarize foreign audiences with life in Romania. He was part of the team that started the first English language news bulletin on the International Channel of the Romanian Public Television in 2002. He holds a BA in Foreign Languages from Bucharest University, where he studied British Cultural Studies. Iulian loves to play with sound. He lives and works in Romania's capital, Bucharest.

Richard Walker

Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Richard Walker I started at Radio UNTAET, the UN’s radio station in East Timor, 5 years ago. I was clueless and have spent the intervening years trying to address this.

I worked for a bit at the BBC world service in London, with people who puff dust out of them slowly as they walk about. They’re mostly nice though.

Next, I went to RFI. Their building has a great view of the Eiffel Tower from its canteen.

Then I came to Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Everything is great, aside from the language and the food.

My advice to anyone wanting to get into radio broadcasting is just keep kicking at the door. Sooner or later you will either hurt your foot and give up, or someone will open the door and you’ll kick them in the leg. Try TV instead, you'll get more free stuff.

Ian Willoughby

Radio Prague

Ian Willoughby Prague may rarely be at the centre of world news, but I never cease to find it colourful and fascinating. And given that Radio Prague's English office only has a staff of seven, there's little chance of getting bored covering just one area: whether we like it or not, variety is the spice of our lives!

Radostin Zhelev

Radio Bulgaria International

Radostin Zhelev Whenever I am asked to file in a CV, it strikes me as bizarre: in a way. I mean, what would you think of a guy who graduated medicine and even considered a career in infectology, but I could never become the Lord of the Bugs because there was one bug inside of me that was stronger than anything else: the bug of theatre, which eventually led me to the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art in Sofia. Well, this bizarre background was worth enduring – in one of my graduation theatre shows I acted Dr. Sigmund Freud. Now I am a broadcaster at Radio Bulgaria. No matter how bizarre it may seem my bio has, for sure, a touch of common sense. All my interests, my choices and dedication have to do with my obsession with the human mind, behaviour and above all communication. So, I’ve enjoyed all my studies and occupations, so far. To enjoy is my fate. After all, my name Radostin comes from ‘radost’ (‘joy’).
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