2007-06-22 Kerry Skyring
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A nuanced farewell in Austria

Kurt Waldheimhe former United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim died last week and will be buried this weekend in his native Austria where he served a term as President. Waldheim caused an international row after he left the UN, when it was revealed his service with Hitler's army during World War 2 included time with a unit which committed atrocities in the Balkans. Deutsche Welle’s Kerry Skyring reports from Vienna,

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Polish President Lech Kaczynski, left, gestures while speaking with German Chancellor Angela Merkel European leaders this week converged on Brussels for talks on the controversial EU treaty at a two-day summit in Brussels, which began on Thursday. Governments around the EU went into the summit assuring voters that they would stand firm on their own position. Some of them - notably the UK and Poland have long threatened to veto the new treaty if it doesn't serve their national interest. It all seems a far cry from the days when the majority of European leaders talked happily about forging an ever closer union. Or does it? Network Europe's Brussels correspondent, Stephen Castle in Brussels >>>

Do some members of the EU realy want to tear it apartAs the decision making process becomes ever more complicated for members of the European Union. Some people wonder about what would happen if the Union became so deadlocked - countries chose to leave the community. This programme has been reporting on virtual reality worlds - so it was in that vein that Radio Netherlands decided to play with the alternative scenario of a future Dutch retreat from the EU. How much of a difference would it make if the Netherlands even left the Union? Radio Netherlands Vanessa Mock takes this - fictional - look at that alternative. >>>

Visitors take a look at the Dassault project jet fighter 'Neuron' presented at the 47th Paris Air ShParis, this week has been the focus of the world's aerospace industry gathers for the bi-annual air show. Headlines were dominated by the heady competition for sales between Europe's Airline manufacturer, Airbus and its American rival Boeing. But behind the high-tech displays and glittering mock ups - Allegations that a British arms manufacturer made secret payments amounting to billion of US dollars in connection with lucrative arms deals cast a shadow of the event. Radio France International's Hannah Godfrey has the details >>>

Stands and shoppers at the Stadion DziesiecioleciaThe Stadion Dziesieciolecia or the Tenth Anniversary Stadium is a left-over piece of architecture from Poland's recent past. Its outdoor market, one of the largest of it's kind, is a special universe of sellers from all over the world. But its days are numbered. Poland's surprise win on the bid to host the 2012 European Football Championships means a brand new sports complex will be built on the site. And after June 30th 2007, the market will close forever. Polish Radio's Amy Drozdowska reports. >>>

The building at discusion at Victoria Road 120"The Union of Communist Youth" in Romania was one of the richest youth organizations in south-eastern Europe. 17 years have passed since the fall of communism, and Romania has not solved the problem of the properties and assets which belonged to the communist youth organization. In the battle for this heritage, civil society may be the no.1 looser. Radio Romania International's Iulian Muresan reports from Bucharest. >>>

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