2006-06-02 Nick Champeau
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Can Les Bleus function as a team?

Europe's best striker would have to be Thierry Henry from France. The French team is impressive. It also has Zinedine Zidane who plays for Madrid, Trezeguet and Vierra at Juventus, William Gallas from Chelsea. But the question is can they play as a collective? Radio France International has more.

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English football fans have a bit of a reputation. But the British government wants to change that. About three-and-a-half thousand Brits, convicted of football-related violence, will have to hand in their passports to police this week. And that'll force these hooligans to give up their tickets to the World Cup. Deutsche Welle has this report on British efforts to keep the peace in Germany: >>>

Several of the most fancied teams failed to impress at the last World Cup. Argentina, France and Portugal were all knocked out as early as the group stage. Their poor performances were partly due to a long club season. A lot of the world's best players were exhausted by the time the World Cup came up. So is that going to be the case this time round? Radio Prague talks to Czech Republic and Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech. >>>

The World Cup is going to be good for business in Germany. But what about the oldest trade of them all - prostitution? Sex workers are also gearing up for the championships. A lot of ladies will be coming from Poland for the event. And hot on their heels are going to be - not just football fans - but also a group of nuns. More from Radio Polonia. >>>

Tickets for the World Cup aren't the easiest to get a hold of and they aren't all that cheap. And then there are travel expenses, hotels and food that football fans have to finance. The Swedes have come up with a clever idea. Hoards of football fans there are planning on caravaning around Germany during the World Cup. It's certainly a good way to get to the various games which are being held in 12 different cities, as Radio Sweden discovers. >>>

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