2007-08-10 Stephen Castle
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Could a European fire brigade boost Brussels' image?

Red deer walk through charred trees on Mount Parnitha north of Athens on Monday, Aug. 6, 2007Raging forest fires are increasingly becoming a feature of the European summer and sparking debate in Brussels over whether Europe needs a common fire fighting service. Given that the water bombers or so-called Canadair planes cost more than 19 million Euros each - many argue that such expensive assets should be shared. Better still, they could be painted blue and gold so that EU citizens immediately see where their money goes.

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During August, you can experiece empty streets of ParisIf you walk around Paris these days, you'll see tourists, but not many Parisians. French people are on vacation, and the streets are deserted. But the emptying of the capital is not entirely voluntary. Many French people are obliged to take the bulk of their holidays in August, because their workplaces are closed. >>>

Memorial to John Paul II in Wadowice in front of his childhood housePoland adored Pope John Paul II while he was alive. But now that he’s gone, they’re finding new ways to hold onto him. Visitors to Poland can now follow the tracks John Paul made in his homeland - 21st century style.Two years after the death of the Polish Pope, pilgrims are now following his tracks on a special train which takes them from Krakow to Wadowice - the Pope's birthplace - and back. >>>

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Participants in the Gay Pride parade on the canals of AmsterdamNearly 350,000 people lined the sides of Amsterdam's Prinsengracht Canal last weekend to celebrate Gay Pride. A flotilla of boats sailed along in the sunshine, but it was one special boat that got the most attention. It's the first time a boat dedicated to gay and lesbians under the age of consent has participated in Amsterdam's Gay Pride.The boat was the idea of 14-year-old Danny Hoekzema who wants more recognition for young homosexuals. It attracted fierce criticism from around the world and raised questions about whether young people can really know their sexuality at an early age. >>>

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