2008-02-08 Claire Cavanagh
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Go on, give us a kiss!

Whether you’re greeting an old auntie or trying to make a pass at your aerobics instructor, the simple kiss is the most ubiquitous of all manifestations of affection. But kissing can be a minefield of social gaffs and getting it wrong in the Netherlands where you’re expected to give 3 cheek-kisses to everyone you meet, is a quick way to look like an oddball if you muck up the etiquette. The Dutch in particular it seems, have a fascination with the kiss.

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Almost deserted village in Central SpainAre you lost in La Mancha? Parts of old, rural Spain are like ghost-towns. Some are falling off the map altogether. The mass migration to cities that took place after the Civil War in the 1930’s decimated the populations of many rural areas. Now some 21st century factors are making things worse still - Spain has one of the largest aging populations in Europe and one of the lowest birth rates. But to re-populate these areas you need romance! Enter former insurance salesman, Manuel Gozalo. He runs a bus service with a big difference. >>>

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It’s cold in Sweden at this time of year and the Swedes have been practicing the warm embrace since Christmas. The Swedish Red Cross has launched a hugging campaign aimed at helping the lonely – and once the Swedes got past the initial awkwardness, there was no holding them back. >>>

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