Migrants gather around a fire, in woodland where they campnear the harbour of Calais

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Gregg Benzow

EU steps up efforts to fight illegal immigration

Migrants gather around a fire, in woodland where they campnear the harbour of CalaisA top EU official has warned that the European Union will soon be facing massive arrivals of illegal immigrants. EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini urged member states at a two-day meeting of EU justice and interior minister in Dresden, Germany, which ended on Tuesday, to step up cooperation in cross-border controls and data exchange to handle the influx of would-be migrants. >>>

Matthijs Nieuwenhuis

European parliament liberalises the international rail market

For the first time Europeans might get some genuine free-market choice, when buying an international train ticket. Competition is being introduced in Europe's rail transport sector, after Wednesday's decision at the European Parliament to approve proposals to liberalize the market. But will there be genuine choice, and how do Europe's rail passengers feel about foreign trains rolling along home tracks? >>>

Joanna Najfled

The Polish Church investigates communist past of bishops and priests

Bishop Slawoj Leszek Glodz , who will serve as liaison between Poland's bishops and a church historiAfter a meeting late last week, the Polish Roman Catholic Episcopate has announced the intention to purge the Church of communist ties, disclosing documents concerning the cooperation of a minority of priests and bishops with Poland's communist regime. The meeting followed the resignation of archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus, who was about to be installed as the metropolitan of Warsaw, but admitted to having had links with the communist security police. >>>

Tom McAlinden

Calls for more efforts to support Roma students and pupils

Most Roma in Sweden don't finish school and truancy absenteeism rates are high. However, attitudes are now said to be changing, and more and more are recognizing the value of a good education. But now there are calls for schools to give Roma children more support. >>>

Hannah Godfrey

French premier proposed merger with England in 1956

French and British FlagsFormerly secret documents, brought to light by a recent radio documentary in Britain, have revealed that in the 1950's, Paris took the extraordinary step of proposing to merge France with Britain. It w as the initiative of the then Prime Minister Guy Mollet. But this was no marriage of equals: the offer was that the British monarch become the French head of state, and that France be integrated into the British commonwealth. >>>

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