Ukraine is in deep political deadlock and confusion

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Guy Degen

Ukraine at the Eve of Elections

Ukraine is in deep political deadlock and confusionUkrainians head back to the polls on September 30 for fresh parliamentary elections that aim to end months of political deadlock and confusion. Many Ukrainians hoped that the Orange Revolution of 2004 would lead to political reform and stability. But those high expectations have waned. In the ensuing three years the leaders of the Orange Revolution, who were advocating democracy and closer ties with the west have fallen out with each other. And Ukraine's parliament has witnessed punch ups, power cuts and party swapping not to mention allegations of bribes and corruption. So what do Ukrainians think about their lawmakers and the Orange Revolution three years on? Deutsche Welle’s Guy Degen has been gauging the mood. >>>

Mark Cummins and Azariah Kiros

Swedish artist under threat

Lars Vils - author of the cartoonThe call by an Iraqi organization with links to Al Qaida to murder a Swedish artist and the chief editor of a provincial newspaper is still topping the headlines in Sweden. The call came in the wake of the artist's drawing of the Prophet Mohammed as a dog-like figurine decorating a traffic roundabout. Radio Sweden's Mark Cummins and Azariah Kiros compiled this story. >>>

Vanessa Mock

Rubens exhibition in Brussels

Hippopotamus Hunt from Peter Paul RubensThe old Flemish master Pieter Paul Rubens is getting a fresh new gloss in a major exhibition in Brussels. The 'Art of Genius' exhibition treats visitors to a discovery tour of Rubens' most creative period when he was working in his Antwerp studio in the 1620s and 30s. There's plenty to feast the eyes on, with Rubenesque beauties shimmering alongside intimate sketches of his children, many of them newly-restored. But even if you're not a big fan of Baroque art, this lavish show proves there's lot more to Rubens than meets the eye. Radio Netherlands reporter Vanessa Mock strolled along some of the paintings with exhibition curator Sabine van Sprang >>>

Joshua Singer

Devil’s Bible on display in Prague

Devil’s Bible on displayThe largest historical book in the world is to go on show at Prague's Klementinum Gallery this week. The book is known as the “Devil's Bible” because of a large illustration of the devil inside. This bible is by no means a satanic work, but contains the Old and New Testaments and other medieval documents and was written in what is now the Czech Republic in the early thirteenth century. During the Middle Ages it was regarded as a wonder of the world. Plundered from Prague by Swedish soldiers during the Thirty Years War, it is now to return to the city temporarily after an absence of over 350 years. Radio Prague’s Joshua Singer has more. >>>

John Beauchamp

Rugby in Poland

Rugby PracticeThe Rugby World Cup, hosted in France, is now in full swing. And the sport which has never been in the limelight in Poland seems to be gaining a wide range of fans there. John Beauchamp from Polish radio External Services >>>

Aidan O'Donnell

Bread prices in France gone up

Baguette - French breadIn early September, bread and cake prices began to increase in Parisian bakeries. The French baguette is often considered as the indicator for inflation and purchasing power in France. Increases in the price of bread caused politicians to argue for increased competition and for retailers to enforce price rises that they've been looking for, for some time. >>>

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