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50 Years of women priests in Sweden

2008-02-15 Alexander Hirschfelder

Storkyrkan - "The Big Church" in StockholmIt’s celebration time for a remarkable anniversary. Sweden can boast 50 years of women priests. Radio Sweden's Alexander Hirschfelder examines how girl power once took the Swedish church by storm. >>>

Logo of Polish christian dating serviceWhen you think of online dating services you tend to imagine them serving lonely people in large cities. What need do religious people have of such a service when they have the church community to meet partners through? But two years ago, three single and Catholic students from Warsaw started Poland's first online Catholic dating service. Right now the community is 27 thousand strong and growing. So Catholic singles in Poland seem to need to go online to find a spouse. NE finds out how and why. >>>

The then Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch TheocistIn Romania the communist archives are still the skeleton in the closet for both politicians and high clergy alike. The Romanian Orthodox Church is now at a turning point after its Patriarch passed away at the beginning of the month. The search for his successor has reopened the highly sensitive issue of the relationship between church leaders and the communist authorities before 1989. Radio Romania International's Iulian Muresan reports from Bucharest. >>>

Memorial to John Paul II in Wadowice in front of his childhood housePoland adored Pope John Paul II while he was alive. But now that he’s gone, they’re finding new ways to hold onto him. Visitors to Poland can now follow the tracks John Paul made in his homeland - 21st century style.Two years after the death of the Polish Pope, pilgrims are now following his tracks on a special train which takes them from Krakow to Wadowice - the Pope's birthplace - and back. >>>

Controversial Polish priest

2007-07-20 Slawek Szefs

Tadeusz RydzykIn Poland Jewish culture is enjoying something of a revival. A fact perhaps not being enjoyed by the Catholic priest Father Tadeusz Rydzyk. He owns a growing media business and is expressing some opinions some in the catholic faith think he should keep to himself. A group of prominent Polish Catholic intellectuals has published an open letter condemning recent statements Father Tadeusz Rydzyk has made, among them anti-semitic remarks and some tabloid style put-downs of the Polish president and his wife. >>>

Anglicans take on Sony

2007-06-15 Lars Bevanger

From the game "Resistance: Fall of Man"The video game "Resistance: Fall of Man", pitches players against aliens in a fictional post-war Europe. But when someone realised that one of the scenes plays out in a detailed representation of Manchester Cathedral, rather than interplanetary war, Sony invoked the collective wrath of the Church of England. Deutsche Welle's Lars Bevanger reports from Manchester. >>>

Europe's Arab heritage

2007-04-06 Azariah Kiros

Arabic numbers in medival European manuscriptNow, Europe's Arab heritage is not something we hear a lot about these days. Since 9/11 and the international war on terrorism - many observers would have us believe that Europe and the Arab world occupy opposing ends of the ends of a cultural, social, and religious spectrum. But as Ingemar Karlsson, a Swedish diplomat in Turkey, advocates in his recently published book Europe should reconsider its Arab Heritage. >>>

Religious leaders talking tough on abortion and threatening to use their political clout? It doesn't sound like liberal Sweden. But eyebrows are raised in Stockholm as abortion is suddenly back on the political agenda. A plan to allow foreign women to come to Sweden for abortions has infuriated some church leaders. Religious leaders talking politics in Sweden is highly unusual in a country that's usually considered to be at the vanguard of liberal reform. But as Radio Sweden’s Azariah Kiros found out, the Catholic Church and the evangelical Pentecostal Movement in Sweden are advising Swedes not to support one of the coalition partners in the government, the Christian Democrats, in the next election if the Party supports the proposal. >>>

So, who was St Valentine?

2007-02-02 Dany Mitzman

At Network Europe we like to get to the bottom of things and when we decided to shift our focus to European's relationships to mark the upcoming celebration of St Valentine, our first question was who exactly was Valentine - Why is he a saint.? And what on earth made him so amorous?   St. Valentine is actually San Valentino, the patron saint of the city of Terni, a city in the Italian region of Umbria, about 100 kilometres from one of Europe's self proclaimed "capitals of romance" - Rome.   Each year, the Terni locals organize not just a single day, (like the rest of the world) but also a whole month of celebrations: from exhibitions to concerts to poetry readings…all on the theme of love, of course. So, how did St. Valentine become the international symbol for amore? Radio Netherlands, Dany Mitzman had the enviable job of finding out. >>>

Bishop Slawoj Leszek Glodz , who will serve as liaison between Poland's bishops and a church historiAfter a meeting late last week, the Polish Roman Catholic Episcopate has announced the intention to purge the Church of communist ties, disclosing documents concerning the cooperation of a minority of priests and bishops with Poland's communist regime. The meeting followed the resignation of archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus, who was about to be installed as the metropolitan of Warsaw, but admitted to having had links with the communist security police. >>>

Poland's archbishop resigns

2007-01-12 Michal Kubicki

Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus who stepped down on January 7, 2007The resignation of the newly appointed archbishop of Warsaw, Stanislaw Wielgus, two days after he admitted that he'd collaborated with the communist secret services and only hours before his formal investiture ceremony, is surely one of the most important events in the history of the Polish Church. How serious is the crisis in the Church and what are the chances for healing the wounds? Michal Kubicki reports. >>>

Paris goes evangelical

2006-09-01 Alison Hird

Dr. TR OsborneIn France, the traditional church is struggling to attract new blood but evangelical and charismatic ones are rapidly gaining ground. The country is warming to services that focus on miracles, gospel singing, adult immersions and speaking in tongues. One American preacher recently attracted an unprecedented 4,000 people a day to a meeting, swelling the ranks of France’s half a million evangelical followers. >>>

Bucharest's gay pride takes a sad turn

2006-06-09 Cristina Tiberian

Berlin's famous "Love Parade" has moved to Bucharest. The capital city recently played host to Gay Fest 2006. The event included concerts, film screenings and parties. The parade took a rather unexpected turn, when a few hundred Christians came to disrupt the event. Radio Romania International reports. >>>

The World Cup is going to be good for business in Germany. But what about the oldest trade of them all - prostitution? Sex workers are also gearing up for the championships. A lot of ladies will be coming from Poland for the event. And hot on their heels are going to be - not just football fans - but also a group of nuns. More from Radio Polonia. >>>

Is Europe getting into Da Vinci mood?

2006-05-18 Don Macgillivray

This week's political debates in Europe have somehow taken second place to the real headline. Namely, the eagerly awaited world premiere of the Da Vinci Code at the Cannes film festival on Wednesday. Despite thumbs downs from critics no one doubts that it'll be a huge success. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has sold more than 39 million copies. Some of the book's most dramatic scenes take place in London and there's so much interest in the various locations that the tour company, London Walks, is offering special Da Vinci Code Tours. Deutsche Welle reports from London. >>>

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