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Polish troops in IraqWhen the Polish Liberal party won in October, one of the first decisions the new government took was to withdraw the country’s troops from Iraq by the end of this summer. The move has been approved by the president. That doesn’t mean Polish troops won’t be stationed around the world, on other foreign missions. >>>

The turning Torso - new dominant MalmöIt's been four years since the fall of Saddam Hussein... but Iraq is still a far cry from the haven of Middle East peace and democracy once promised by the US-led coalition. More than 2 million Iraqis have fled the country in hope of a better life elsewhere. And more than 80 thousand Iraqi refugees have settled in Sweden - thanks to Stockholm's open asylum policy - an exception in Europe. But more and more Swedes says they're stretched to the limit and this welcoming policy needs to change. For Network Europe Radio Netherlands' Perro de Jong has this report from Rosengård, a suburb of Malmö. >>>

Protests during the EU-US Summit in Vienna (photo: CTK)After the EU-US summit in Vienna this week, George W Bush visited Hungary, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against communism. Commentators have noted that trips to Europe of the US President often include a stop in Eastern Europe's new democracies. The US administration has decided to station forces in Bulgaria and Romania. Hungarian troops helped in Iraq after the March 2003 invasion. Romania Bulgaria and Poland also joined the coalition. But it seems said these countries suffer from a sense of frustration, and believe they have not been sufficiently repaid. For instance Poland's hopes to land contracts in the reconstruction of Iraq have not materialized. >>>

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